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Update: Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 2 Available for Free Download

July 14, 2011

I posted about a month back that Valve was making the soundtrack for Portal 2 available for free download from their site. Volume 1 had just been released, with hints at a volume 2 available in the near future.


Well, the wait is over and a new block of 18 tracks is available for free download at the link above. The dark electronica themes continue into this volume, and I’m looking forward to giving them a thorough listening-to (been rather busy at work).


Not included for download is the extremely catchy ending song, “Want You Gone” by Jonathan Coulton. He wrote and composed “Still Alive” for the previous game, and his dark humor and ability to craft diabolically infectious earworms is still in strong form.


The Music of Portal 2

June 3, 2011

The wonderful folks at Valve have made the in-game music for Portal 2 available for free download. The 22 songs in volume 1 (volume 2 is supposed to be up soon) are mainly industrial-themed instrumental electronica, but with a number of classical influences added to the mix.


I’ve been giving them a listen over the past few days, and one in particular, “Ghost of Rattman” stands out as one of the creepier ones. I should run it through an audio editor to see if the vocal rhythm is using any intelligible words. It sounds like there are bits and snatches here and there, but it’s either being played backwards or clipped in mid-word so that only half-syllables and tortured grunts are left.

Incidentally, never having played Portal, I had no idea about the complex back story created around the game. Rattman doesn’t appear anywhere in the first game, but is supposed to be a former researcher at Aperture Science and one of the only survivors of GLADOS’ rampage. Living in the crawlspaces and gradually succumbing to psychosis, he’s the source of the famous “The Cake Is a Lie” line.

I wanted to include “Ghost of Rattman” here, but I need to purchase a space upgrade to load music files. I may consider that at some point.