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Music of the Day: Akuma no you na Aitsu, by the Inoue Takayuki Band

March 9, 2012

Another piece of music I found surfing around YouTube, this is from by the Inoue Takayuki Band, from the soundtrack album for the 1975 Japanese TV series, Akuma no You na Aitsu (悪魔のようなあいつ, or, roughly translated, An Evil Guy). The series was based on a manga of the same name, and used the 1968 “300 Million Yen Incident” unsolved crime as a major motif. It starred pop singer and actor Kenji Sawada, and 70s TV idol Seiko Miki.

I don’t have the name of this particular track, but it features jazz piano against a funk-rock backdrop that’s really ear-catching.


Music of the Day: Awa Odori, by Stomu Yamash’ta

March 6, 2012

Surfing around YouTube, I came across Stomu Yamash’ta (Yamashita Tsutomu)’s Awa Odori, from Ongaku 70, a compilation album of Japanese psychedelia.