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Panasonic Unveils Their New Head-Massage Robot

October 30, 2012

At Japan Robot Week 2012, Panasonic presented their new head-therapy massager robot, using recently developed robotic hand technology.

The device scans the user’s head to create a 3-D image, which is used to position the robot’s arms and 24 fingers, ensuring a comfortable fit. Panasonic intends to offer the head therapy unit together with its massage chairs, which have been on sale for several years already, as a ‘whole body care’ system.


Although the unit on exhibit here was being presented mainly as a massage product, Panasonic had already put it through field trials this past spring in a hair salon in Hyogo Prefecture, where it shampooed, conditioned, rinsed and dried customers’ hair, in addition to providing scalp massages. Sensors built into the unit were designed to detect differences in head shape and hair volume, and adjust performance accordingly. The video below includes English captions and narration.


Panasonic had earlier presented the robot in its hair-washing version at the 2010 Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition:



Back with Photos from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

December 2, 2011

I’ve been trying to get out to more expos and trade shows lately, in part so I’ll something to report here. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Truck Show was a letdown and I was forced to miss the Robotics Show owing to a busy work schedule and an untimely attack of chicken pox. I vowed to make up for that, however, by going to the Tokyo Motor Show this month.

I’d originally planned to head over on the weekend, but imagine my surprise when the boss came over to my desk and handed me these:

An “Industry Associate” ticket for Friday, the day before the public opening. It turns out one of our automotive clients wanted to thank us for all our work. Much appreciated!

Anyway, after spending the afternoon at Tokyo Big Site, we returned to the office laden with catalogs, swag and photos. While plenty of automakers set up booths and had many of their latest models on the floor, there weren’t as many of the crazy concept cars on display as there have been in past years. Perhaps the slow economy is forcing everyone to focus on more practical advances rather than spending time stretching their creative muscles on pure fantasy cars. It’s a shame, though, those are usually a lot of fun.

That said, there was still plenty to see. A number of companies are introducing EV models, either as concepts or as part of their current lineup.

BMW i8 EV Concept Car

Suzuki Swift EV Concept Car

Mitsubishi has already released their fully electric MiEV compact car, and had several new versions on display.

Mitsubishi MiEV

Mitsubishi MiEV SUV Concept

They’ve also been playing up the fact that the MiEV’s battery can be used to power other things, such as canteen truck:

Or a set of instruments and amplifiers:

Audi A1 e-tron

Jaguar XKR-S

BMW Alpina

Citroen DS3

Citroen DSS

Land Rover Evoque

Honda actually had several interesting concepts on display

Nismo-tuned Nissan Leaf EV

Nissan Juke Nismo edition

Porsche Carrera S

Mitsubishi Mirage

A rather grumpy-looking concept car from Suzuki

Suzuki one-seater concept car

NTN produced this maneuverable vehicle, featuring separately powered and steerable wheels, to showcase their compact electric motors.

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Touareg

Mercedes AMG

Smart car, pushing its luck with those colors

And of course, there were plenty of booth models:

Certainly looking forward to next year!