Squarepusher Music Video Set in Osaka Mental Hospital

October 31, 2011

I recently came across this wonderfully creepy video for “Come on My Selector” by UK-based electronic artist Squarepusher. Directed by Chris Cunnigham, it takes place in the “Osaka Home for Mentally Disturbed Children” and features a little girl making her escape with advice from her dog.

I realize my ‘discovery’ is way behind the times, as the video came out over ten years ago. Still, I thought it was interesting.

While the Japanese voice-overs seem accurate for the most part, it’s pretty obvious that the actors are all speaking English. But what really happened to catch my attention is the similarity with the currently popular Fuji TV series, “Marumo no Okite”. The show is about a company worker trying to take care of two orphaned children, and along the way he ends up with a dog (similar to the one on the video) that periodically talks to him, though he never seems sure if it’s not just a stress-induced hallucination.

Obviously, the dogs and shows are very different, but finding this video right when another work using the ‘dog talks to mentally fragile people’-concept is the rage just struck me as amusing.

The main characters (including the talking dog) are all in the first 30 seconds, but feel free to watch the whole episode. The rest of the series (this is episode 5) so far has been uploaded to Youtube.

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