Etsushi Toyokawa Sinks his Teeth into a New Diet Coke Ad

October 11, 2011

Coca-Cola continues their “Wild Health” campaign with a new add for Coca-Cola Zero Caffeine Free starring Etsushi Toyokawa as a vampire looking for sustenance.

While I roll my eyes at the idea of calling anything “healthy” simply because it doesn’t have sugar, and I wonder at the implications of Toyokawa losing his fangs after drinking the beverage (symbolic loss of manhood after choosing caffeine-free diet soda, or simple tooth decay?), I have to admit it’s still a cool-looking ad.


This is not Toyokawa’s first work with Coke. Here’s an ad he did sometime during the past century. There’s no date, but judging by a few things, I’d guess it comes from around 1995.


Etsushi Toyokawa is one of those actors who manages to make everything he does look cool, regardless of how goofy and over-the-top it is. In fact, the goofier it is, the cooler he usually looks doing it. The best example is Sapporo’s “Love Beer?” campaign from 2000, which pit Toyokawa against veteran tough-guy actor Tsutomu Yamazaki (perhaps best known in the West for starring in Tampopo and many of Juzo Itami’s other films) in a series of Matrix style contests ranging from a game of onsen ping-pong:


To a rivalry over who gets to sing ‘My Way’ at a karaoke bar:


To a neighborhood snowball fight during New Year’s:



  1. when he played in “Bengoshi no Kuzu”, he can make a scum dirty lawer looking good.

  2. Yep, the guy is definitely smooth.

  3. lol those beer commercials are so epic its hilarious

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