Cool Video: Kosuke Sugimoto’s “The TV Show”

June 10, 2011

I first came across Sugimoto’s work about a year ago, and immediately became a huge fan. He’s a Japan-based animator and artist who, among other things, has done some eye-popping music videos for a number of J-artists. This work of his, “The TV Show” (with music by Takayuki Manabe) was the first I ever saw and immediately got me hooked.

I think what really pulled me in was the rich level of detail he gives his work. Nothing seems to be thrown in or discarded lazily; no matter how frenetic the scene becomes, every action and element has a cause and effect. It’s the sort of video where new details show up each time I see it.

I’ll be sharing more of his videos here in the future.



  1. […] while back I posted “The TV Show“, a video by animator Kousuke Sugimoto and musician Takayuki Manabe. Here’s another of […]

  2. […] based around the different outcomes that arise as the singer makes different choices. Like “The TV Show” this one contains dozens of tiny background details that Sugimoto manages to consistently […]

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